JJRC H12C Altitude and Range Tests

After doing the initial JJRC H12C review, I took the drone out to a large park to test for two things.

I wanted to see how far I could push the JJRC H12C in terms of range, both in altitude as well as distance. The results were pretty good, to say the least.

The first test was the altitude test. Taking off, I immediately sent the drone up to an altitude of about 60 meters. While there was no wind on the ground, there seemed to be a good breeze going up there, and the drone got a bit squirrely, so I couldn't maintain the altitude for very long. I plan to revisit this test on a better day in the near future.

JJRC H12C Review and Flight

When it comes to drones for beginners, few of them offer as much as the JJRC H12C for under $100.

I was curious to see why the JJRC H12C Camera Drone was so popular among beginners, so I ordered one to do an extended review on. I did some shopping online, and found that BangGood was the best place to order from at the time. The drone was on sale so I just made the purchase. Coming from China, the package took 15 days to arrive, which seemed like a really long time.

Unboxing the JJRC H12C

When the package got to me, I found that it was completely wrapped in something like a black trash bag. Of course, it was just black wrapping plastic, but it was also wrapped with about 10 feet of packing tape. I was impressed with the wrapping job as the box had encountered water at some point, but the plastic had kept all the moisture out.

Mould King Super-S 33041A

I ordered the Mould King Super-S 33041A to see how good a $20 drone could be.

What I found, really surprised me.

From flying drones of all price ranges, one of the biggest things I always thought was you get what you pay for. The Mould King Super S changed my way of thinking (at least for this drone).

Mould King as a drone brand, is a name that I haven't heard anything about, and in fact, they don't have much of a presence on Amazon.com at all. They're sold through Chinese product retailers such as BangGood and Gearbest. The Mould King is the cheapest midsize drone I've found so far that's worth an indepth review.

Most of the $20 or less drones are cheap junk that work a couple times and break. I've crashed this drone on the lawn over 20 times (some on purpose) and it gets up and flys again like it never even crashed. Five times, it's dropped from higher than 30 feet! I was very impressed to say the least.