2018 Best Drones With Cameras

They're the best drones with cameras, and some without. We review and provide in-depth video on each drone that you might be interested in getting. The best drones with cameras are found by compiling a list of the best selling drones every month and picking the ones that people have shown the most interest in.

x183GPS Follow Me, Circle Me FPV Camera Drone Review

Drones have been getting more advanced in 2017, and the X183GPS FPV drone is no exception. This drone is less than $200 and offers GPS, Follow me, Circle Me, FPV and a lot more!

The X183GPS Camera drone is said to have a 300 meter control and FPV range. Also, with the onboard GPS, it offers follow me and circling modes.

Many of the X183GPS parts are identical to the Syma X5C, such as rotors motors and battery, so finding replacement parts isn't hard. The motors are brushed motors, and at some point, they might need to be replaced, but the process is simple and easy as the motors just drop in place.

The drone runs on 5.8Ghz for the controller and FPV, and works well with both the included monitor or your FPV goggles. 

One of the nice things about the drone is that it has true "return to home" as it uses the GPS to pinpoint it's exact starting point.

Follow me works really well for an inexpensive drone such as this, and the GPS position hold also works as expected.

The drone has a 720P camera on board, and it has a micro SD card slot to record your flight videos.

Flight time is about 5 minutes, so get some extra batteries while you're at it.

Price: $149 via Amazon | Check Current Price Here