Is the Walkera QR Y100 a Toy or a Hobby Drone?

The Walkera QR Y100 is one of the hottest FPV Quadcopter Drones that bridge the gap between the "Toy Drone" and the "Hobby Drones" market segments. This Mini drone comes equipped with onboard camera that sends live video back to your iOS or Android via 2.5gHz Wi-Fi. It can be flown from your mobile or with the conventional radio control. You can even fly with the RC controller and watch in FPV Real Time through your ipad or tablet (or smartphone too)!

The Body is molded plastic and looks like something George Lucas might have thought up (well... it would have been even cooler and more expensive), but none the less, a futuristic look. The larger rotors give the drone plenty of power, even in moderate winds and you can get up to 15 minutes (or more) from a single charge!

The Walkera QR Y100 offers a precision 6-axis gyro for extremely stable flying. This feature is super important for beginner flyers as they learn how to fly, and has advanced features such as "one ke take-off", "one key land", "one key go home" and "follow me" modes controlled from the iOS or Android device. To round off the feature list, the drone has an altitude sensor so that even if you take your hands off the controls (to reach for that sandwich and soda), the drone will maintain altitude until you grab your controller.

This version comes with the Devo 4 Transmitter that offers an integrated FPV Video Screen!

Make sure that you also take a peek at the QR Y100 parts - A broken drone is one of the surest ways to ruin a great day, so get the extra parts you'll need if you crash!

Steve Chow's Walkera QR Y100 video demo

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