2018 Best Drones With Cameras

They're the best drones with cameras, and some without. We review and provide in-depth video on each drone that you might be interested in getting. The best drones with cameras are found by compiling a list of the best selling drones every month and picking the ones that people have shown the most interest in.

JJRC H47 Elfie 720p HD FPV Folding Pocket Drone

When it comes to compact folding pocket drones that pack a lot of value for the price, the JJRC H47 Elfie Folding Drone is a great choice for use anytime. It offers FPV, 720HD vertical swivel camera and flight planning built into the iOS/Android app. If you're flying at night, the navigation lights built into the rotor arms help you see the drone and know which end is front and which is back.

JJRC H47 Folding Drone Features Review

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus Selfie Drone


The JJRC H47 Folding Drone is designed for convenience and portability, but also has features that you'd expect with a mid or full-size drone. The H47 can be tossed in your bag or backpack and flown just about anywhere: On your lunch break, on the way home from school or when you have nothing else you rather do. The folding drone is an FPV drone, and offers real-time FPV flight, giving you a first-person view of what your drone sees as it flies. There's also a flight planning function where you can program a short flight plan that the drone will follow.

One of the best features of the drone is that the 720P camera can swivel up and down, and has integrated vibration dampening. One of the first things you'll notice from the demo video is that there's very little evidence of "jello wobble" that's prevalent on many other toy camera drones. This is one of the things that's bugged me for ages, and I'm finally glad that JJRC got this right! Even though the video is still just 720P quality, at least it's fun to watch.

Follow Me Drone That's A Selfie Drone

The JJRC H47 has the ability to follow the user making this quadcopter an excellent "selfie drone" in the inexpensive toy-class level. Of course, the quality isn't that of a GoPro, but you or the kids will have tons of fun taking selfies from the air with this drone!

When you start walking or moving around, the drone will follow you, and if you are recording, it will grab video too. This makes it perfect for following you on a short bike ride, skateboarding, and other activities.

One Hand Drone Controller

The H47 offers one-hand control through a unique controller that almost looks like a Virtual Reality game grip. The controller has an integrated gravity sensor to make it easier to control the pocket drone than with a conventional two-hand controller.

The way it works is that you tilt the controller side to side to make it fly left or right, and then use the joystick for forward or backward and rotation.

Auto Take-Off and Landing

The H47 has automatic take-off and landing functions to make it easier for you to get flying. If in the event that the drone loses connection with the controller, there is a six-second window for reconnection, and if the controller still can't connect (like it has dead batteries), then the drone will automatically land.

Altitude Hold and Return To Home

The selfie drone also has two standard features found on most toy drones these days. The quadcopter has altitude hold, making it easier to get to a certain altitude and hold it to take pictures and video, and a "one key return to home" that brings the drone back to its starting point in order to land.

Flight Times and Extra Batteries

As with most toy drones, the JJRC H47 has about a 5-minute runtime and a 60 minute recharge time. If you do a bit of shopping on Amazon, you can find extra batteries and a multi-charger for about $20.


jjrc h47 folding up animation