The JJRC F180 Mini RC Quadcopter is a versatile little drone that's perfect for younger fliers and for indoor flying! One of the first things you'll notice is that all four rotors are protected so even if your beloved little ones run into walls, that ancient Chinese vase or the back of your head, you can rest assured that those precious rotors will make it! 

JJRC F180 is also just fun to fly. During your down time, or if it's all snowy outside, these little drones keep your flying skills in shape for when spring breaks (here in Michigan, that's a little over 36 degrees F). 

One of the best things is that these little flyers cost less than $100, so they won't break the bank. Price on $45-55

One of the cool things about the F180 is that it comes with a full set of spare propellers. Also the propeller protector can be removed if you're a more experienced flyer (kind of like taking the training wheels off). 

Video courtesy of Flyin Ryan

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