The Holy Stone F182C Drone is one of those drones that are totally worth the money. Built to be durable, the F182C is made from high shock resistant materials so it can take a crash or two. Beginners will like the fact that it's easy to fly as it has an on board 6 axis gyro for stability. The quadcopter comes with RC, 7.4V 500mAh battery, charger, 4 rotors, screwdriver, 2GB microSD card and card reader. In other words, the Holy Stone F182C Drone is ready to fly (RTF).

The F182C is fun to fly and can move up, down, left, right, forward, backward and do flips. It can take still pictures at 1280X960 resolution or 640x480 video while in flight. You will need 4x AA batteries for the remote, so have a set or two on hand before it comes in the mail. The drone will give you about 8 minutes of flight time and recharges in just under 100 minutes.

As you can see from the video, the quality isn't the greatest when you enlarge the video, but it's fun to see the world from your drone's perspective anyway.