Durable Drone Quadcopter That Can Take A Beating

If you're just beginning (or have some pretty destructive kids), You just can't go wrong with the Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter. It's built to take abuse from kids and novice flyers, get up and still keep flying! These make the perfect gift for kids if they're interested in Radio Controlled multirotor drones and you don't want to give them something that will just break.

As the pilot gets better at flying, the Dromida Ominus also has four pre-programmed flight settings: easy, normal, advanced and expert. It also has Gyro stabilization and three accelerometers to make flying easy and fun! Most drones will require a bit of time tuning. The Dromida Ominus allows you to fly right out of the box with no adjustments needed in most situations. That's why it's so good for beginners.

Drone flies in six directions as well as does flips. It can handle a small payload, which we'd recommend getting the Spektrum Micro FPV camera as well for recording your flights and/or flying in first person as if you're in the cockpit!

The Dromida Ominus UAV QuadCopter Drone sells for an average of $75-$95 on Amazon.com Extra Batteries are $13-$15

Video courtesy of Flyin' Ryan RC