Quadcopters Buyer's Guide

There's no doubt about it. The Quadcopter drone market has really "taken off"! With recent interest and tech developments, buying a quadcopter had become a lot easier. Quad copters are now much more affordable, easier to fly and most importantly, not just for government and hobbyists. The market has become quite widespread with literally hundreds of quadcopters, but the big question is:

What Is The Best QuadCopter?

We are a couple of affectionados and have tested dozens of drones, but here are our favorites and what we feel is the best quadcopter to buy. These are just a few of the quadcopters available.


Indoor Flying

Basic Camera

Aerial Videography

Quad Husban X4 Parrot AR 2.0 DJI Phantom 2.0
Image husban x4 quadcopter parrot ar 2.0 quadcopter dji phantom quadcopter
Wingspan 110mm x 110mm 535mm x 515mm 350mm x 350mm
Flying Time 7-9 minutes 10-12 minutes 24-26 minutes
Camera No camera 720/30p 1080/30p or 1080/60i
Controller 2.4 GHz IPhone/Android, streaming 2.4 GHz, streaming
Sensors No sensors Ultrasonic, Barometric GPS
Skill Level Beginner Beginner Intermediate