There's nothing worse than smashing up your Syma Drone, and having to go and find replacement parts for the X5C. It means downtime and a useless drone floating around your house until you get the parts you need.

Pick up Syma X5C Replacement Parts Before Trouble Strikes!

Best rule of thumb is to get your replacement parts either at the same time as your new drone purchase, or while the quadcopter is still fine. That way, you have parts on hand when you need them if disaster should strike.

Syma X5C Replacement Parts List 2015

syma x5c crash packX5C Crash Pack
The Syma X5C crash pack provides the best value for the money. You will get a new drone body in case your drone's shell breaks and new rotors. Some of the kits have motors included, while others have a blade guard. You can find different colors to match your X5C's color as well. $15-$30 On Amazon


syma x5c motorsSyma Replacement Rotor Motors
Replacement motors just make sense. If you're really into flying your drone, then you'll want a set of these around just in case your drone has one motor go out. $3-$20 on Amazon


syma x5c rotorsX5C Spare Rotors
Spare rotors always come in handy! Even the best of drone pilots will need a new rotor blade once in a while. They are the most essential part of the drone, and also one of the most easily broken too. Without your rotors, you won't be able to fly the drone at all, so you will definitely want to pick a few sets up now. $2-$12 on Amazon


syma x5c blade guardsX5C Blade Guards
Tired of breaking your rotors every time you crash or run into something? The Syma X5C Blade guards will greatly help to minimize damage you'd normally incur without it. The blade guard surrounds the blades so that if you should run into something, it's the blade guard that will take the brunt of the impact, not your rotor blades. We recommend getting a few of these as they do break easily. It's better to break a guard than the drone itself, anyway. $1-$10 on Amazon


syma x5c batteryX5C Spare Batteries
There's nothing worse than waiting for your Syma Drone batteries to recharge. We recommend getting some extras so that you can still fly while other batteries charge. Since the X5C Drones have an average flight time of 5-8 minutes, but the batteries take 60 minutes to charge, a 5-pack of extra batteries is perfect, and won't break the bank! You'll get a cumulative total of roughly an hour of in-air flight time... enough for some great times at your local park or in your backyard! $10-$30 on Amazon


syma x5c battery chargerSyma Multi Battery Charger
Since it takes almost 60 minutes to charge a single battery, why not pick up a multi-battery charger so you can charge more than one at once? In 60 minutes, wouldn't it be nice to be able to charge three, four or five batteries all at once instead of just one?
$3-$20 on Amazon


syma x5c carrying caseX5C Carry Case
The Syma X5C Travel Case makes taking your drone on the go easy. Never worry about broken rotors or smashed body when you pull it out of your backpack. The Carrying Case will fit one Syma X5C Drone, Controller and some spare parts. $30-$59 on Amazon