It's a true crime that not every RC Drone has a Camera, but we've found the perfect camera that will work with almost any drone (including the Micro Drones)! Enter the Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera.

So Small you'll crap your pants!

When we got this in the mail from, we just looked at each other with grins on our faces. Like two boys in high school, all sorts of devious things ran through our deranged heads over what we could do with a camera this small...

Mount this Camera To A Drone, Of Course!

It's small size makes it perfect to attach to just about any drone -- Big, small and most micro drones too! It's a 5.8Ghz FPV Camera, and works really well. Below is one of the best reviews on the Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera. Price on $99 - 110