With the rise of Commercial Drone Flying, the fears have also been mounting

Pittsburg, KS based videographer Jacob Anselmi has flown drones for over 15 hours for work. He says it's done wonders for his work. He says it was, "To get that shot and capture that image that nobody has seen before of our campus...", but the real fact of the matter is that the quadcopter basically flies itself, leaving little need for the pilot to really do.

Since Drones have GPS and many have other electronics that allow you to chart courses, hover in specific positions and even move ever so slowly so as to move with earth's rotation, there is little that drones cannot do from the sky when called upon. Easy to fly technology along with lower prices than ever this year on both Hobby and Professional level drones have made quadcopter flying one of this year's hottest pastimes!

For these reasons, Jeff Wiley found a drone as the perfect Christmas gift for his wife!

"We kept looking and looking for things she needed. Then all of the sudden we saw this and it was something that would be fun," said Jeff Wiley

One of the biggest concerns is that of privacy. The fear is that someone could potentially fly a drone, hover somewhere and use it to spy on someone (reminds you of a certain country's interest in drones, eh?). While this may be a big concern for a few people, most drone flyers are hobbyists or kids, and for the most part, are just having fun and enjoying a hobby.

In the future, there may be more people that will abuse the use of drones, using them for illegal activities. We will probably see more regulations on flying quadcopters, drones or any unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for that matter in the coming years. Sad that there's just a few unscrupulous people that spoil it for everyone.

Commentary based on the Four State's Home Page article titled, "Concerns Rise About Increasing Use of Commercial Drones"