Looking for Mini Drones with Cameras?

Sometimes having a full size drone isn't what you really need for certain types of flights where there may be low clearance or tight corners, so in those cases, you'd want a mini drone to do the job right. A Mini Drone with an onboard camera is optimal for quick flights where you want to record the flight video. There are crucial factors to consider with a mini drone, one of the first being weight. Mini drones usually cannot carry much weight, and for most, a GoPro camera rig is out of the question. The other major factor is flight time. If the camera pulls it's power from the main battery, your flight time can be shortened considerably.

There are two options that are available to you when you need a Mini Drone with Camera onboard:

Integrated Camera on the Mini Drone

hubsan-x4-h107c-camera-quadcopter-rtf-black-with-green-stripesBuying a mini or micro drone with a camera onboard is harder to find than it's full size counterparts. One of the only ones available to take a look at (that's worth mentioning) is the Hubsan X4 H107C. The H107C fits in the palm of your hand and it's onboard camera offers low-resolution video from it's .3MP video camera. You'll only get 4-5 minutes of flight time when using the camera because it does draw power from the main battery, but with it's low price, the H107C is a perfect short range (300M or less) drone that's also great for beginners. Price on Amazon.com: $50-55


 Hubsan H107DYour Second choice is the nearly identical Hubsan H107D mini drone. Made by the same company, the biggest difference between the two is that the  Hubsan H107D's radio control has a built in LCD monitor for First Person View (FPV) flying experience. Price on Amazon.com: $65-75

Hubsan H107D FPV


Mini Drones You Can Attach A Camera To

The other way to do things is to buy a drone without a camera and then attach one to the body. Because the drone is so small, we chose to list some excellent micro HD cameras in the next section that you could easily attach to the drone's body for HD flights. The benefit to this is you'd get a better video quality, and since the camera runs under it's own power source, you wouldn't lose any flight time!

One of the coolest mini drones we've flown is the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter. It not only looks like it has two bright blue LED eyes, but it flies really well too! Given it's extremely small size, you can expect the usual 4-5 minutes flying time.

The frame is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and it has a Standard Plastic Propellers which can be simply pushed on with your fingers. Other than that,  this drone requires no assembly and is ready to fly (RTF). Price on Amazon.com: $35-40 


Steerix X4 RTF Mini Drone 1The Steerix X4 RTF Mini Drone is probably the best mini drone for beginners as it has blade guards. If you run full tilt into a wall or trees, you won't have to worry about rotors breaking. The Steerix X4 gives you 4-7 minutes of flight time with a full charge and is also quite easy to fly. This is the perfect mini drone for kids who are interested in flying drones as well as for those indoor missions!

The X4 RTF ships fully assembled except for rotors and rotor guard, but they are easy to put on. Price on Amazon.com: $45-50.


udi-rc-24ghz-6-axis-nano-3d-quadcopter-u839The UDI RC U839 mini drone is also a great multirotor for beginners and like the Steerix, is easy to fly, requires almost no assembly and provides a 5-7 minute flight time. It's is very similar to the Steerix in fact, and runs slightly less than the Steerix on Amazon.com: $25-30

The quadcopter comes with batteries, drone, 2.4Ghz Controller and owner's manual.

Mini HD Cameras

When you have one of the mini drones above, you'll want to get a camera that you can attach to it. Because mini quadcopters can't carry much weight, you'll want to get one of these lightweight sub-micro HD Cameras. They's usually classified as "spy cameras", but work really well for use on Mini Drones too!

Lentenda MiniLentenda Mini Wi-Fi Cam

This micro sized Camera is perfect for your mini drone missions where you can fly in FPV via integrated Wi-fi or record your flights on MicroSD card. The Lentenda Mini Wi-Fi Cam can be used on all three drones, but is a little bulky considering their size. Price on Amazon.com: $30-35


61D6Ig68VjL._SX522_HDE Mini DVR Camera

1280x1024 video resolution, rechargable via USB and uses MicroSD cards. This camera is perfect for any one of the mini drones listed here, and can easily be mounted to any drone body. Price on Amazon.com: $15-20