Looking for a Good Drone To Give To Someone For Christmas?

The Hubsan X4 H107C is possibly the best RC Drone to give for Christmas 2014. While it isn't a drone that serious hobbyists who like to tinker would consider, this RC Drone Toy is perfect to give to anyone that has an interest in flying machines and aircraft in general. The H107C is designed to be durable as well as fun to fly.

The Hubsan X4 H107C Has a Built In Camera

...and for what the drone is, being a toy, the camera isn't shabby. It records in 720P (use our link to get this upgraded version) and if you see the video below, you'll notice that the recording is on par with many mid priced Android camera phones. (make sure to select 720P in the video settings)

The recording isn't cinema quality, but for most, this is good enough to post up to YouTube and share with friends.

Extreme Stability -- Even in Wind!

The Hubsan X4 H107C has an onboard 6-axis Gyro that greatly increases the drone's stability (when compared to "cheap" drones at Toys-R-Us) but it also allows the drone to right itself automatically if the pilot loses control. The Gyro also makes the drone resistant to light to medium winds and makes it truly easy for the pilot to fly the drone. Visually, the drone has two forward facing blue LED lights so the pilot can tell at a glance what direction it's facing.

For this feature alone, the H107C is perfect for beginning drone flyers and kids. You don't have to

spend hours tweaking the drone just to get it to hover correctly. The Gyro does it all for you.

Price on Amazon.com $50-$70

hubsan x4 crash pack cameraEven though the Hubsan X4 X107C is very durable, you might also want to get the  "Crash Pack" just in case. The pack includes:

1 * Body Shell + 4 X Rubber Feet

4 * Spare blade set (16 pieces), 1 * Spare Battery

2 * pieces of motor (1 clockwise, 1 anti-clockwise)

2 * LED Lights

1 * 200W HD Camera PCB module (2.0MP)

The cool thing is that the crash pack is only $30-40 on Amazon.com and is well worth the extra spare battery because you can just swap batteries for more flying time (Average 6-8 minutes flight time per battery)

See All Hubsan X4 Parts And Accessories

RCKEV on YouTube did a nice video review of the Hubsan X4 H107C that includes an unboxing, explanation and demo flight footage taken from the Hubsan.

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