The FAA has just issued an update to the UAS Registration guidelines pertaining to wildfires:


There are lots of great places to fly your drones, but over or near a wildfire isn’t one of them. In fact, drone operators who interfere with wildfire suppression efforts are subject to civil penalties of up to $27,500 and possible criminal prosecution.

Here’s why it’s important: Aerial firefighting aircraft, such as airtankers and helicopters, fly at very low altitudes, just a couple hundred feet above the ground and in the same airspace as hobby and recreational drones. This creates the potential for a mid-air collision that could seriously injure or kill wildland firefighters in the air or on the ground.

As a result of unlawful drone operations near fires this year, fire managers have temporarily grounded all aerial firefighting aircraft on several occasions for safety reasons. Shutting down firefighting operations could cause wildfires to become larger and can threaten lives, property, and valuable natural and cultural resources.

The bottom line is “If You Fly, We Can’t."

Please fly responsibly – keep your drone away from wildfires.

Since this entire blog is about Drones with Cameras, but many of the drones featured here don't have internal cameras, here's the equipment to add a camera such as the wildly popular GoPro to your multirotor copter. Most drones have some room underneath for a camera mount, but if yours doesn't you'll need to fabricate and extend the legs and feet to accommodate for the camera. Likewise, you can't just put one of these on a toy drone. You have to have at least a hobby level drone that features interchangeable parts and allows for add on attachments.

gopro gimbal camera mount 1

Looking for Mini Drones with Cameras?

Sometimes having a full size drone isn't what you really need for certain types of flights where there may be low clearance or tight corners, so in those cases, you'd want a mini drone to do the job right. A Mini Drone with an onboard camera is optimal for quick flights where you want to record the flight video. There are crucial factors to consider with a mini drone, one of the first being weight. Mini drones usually cannot carry much weight, and for most, a GoPro camera rig is out of the question. The other major factor is flight time. If the camera pulls it's power from the main battery, your flight time can be shortened considerably.

There are two options that are available to you when you need a Mini Drone with Camera onboard:

Integrated Camera on the Mini Drone

hubsan-x4-h107c-camera-quadcopter-rtf-black-with-green-stripesBuying a mini or micro drone with a camera onboard is harder to find than it's full size counterparts. One of the only ones available to take a look at (that's worth mentioning) is the Hubsan X4 H107C. The H107C fits in the palm of your hand and it's onboard camera offers low-resolution video from it's .3MP video camera. You'll only get 4-5 minutes of flight time when using the camera because it does draw power from the main battery, but with it's low price, the H107C is a perfect short range (300M or less) drone that's also great for beginners. Price on $50-55

Drones Aren't Just Toys, They Have Many Practical Uses

When you ask most people their opinion of a "radio controlled drone" or "helicopter", most will think that they're just toys. It's really too bad that this is the general opinion of drones because they have so many practical uses. Sure, there's the quadcopters and helicopters that are just toys, but there's also hobby drones and professional drones. I think that there's a whole new class of drone that should be mentioned, and drones with cameras fit perfectly for that category:

Practical Drones

Practical drones are on the same level as hobby drones, but I'd submit that they are only pulled out for practical purposes. I think of practical drones as those that help you do things that you'd not ordinarily be able to do with such ease. Here's what I do with my Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 as it's also used for practical purposes:

Looking for a Good Drone To Give To Someone For Christmas?

The Hubsan X4 H107C is possibly the best RC Drone to give for Christmas 2014. While it isn't a drone that serious hobbyists who like to tinker would consider, this RC Drone Toy is perfect to give to anyone that has an interest in flying machines and aircraft in general. The H107C is designed to be durable as well as fun to fly.

The Hubsan X4 H107C Has a Built In Camera

...and for what the drone is, being a toy, the camera isn't shabby. It records in 720P (use our link to get this upgraded version) and if you see the video below, you'll notice that the recording is on par with many mid priced Android camera phones. (make sure to select 720P in the video settings)

With the rise of Commercial Drone Flying, the fears have also been mounting

Pittsburg, KS based videographer Jacob Anselmi has flown drones for over 15 hours for work. He says it's done wonders for his work. He says it was, "To get that shot and capture that image that nobody has seen before of our campus...", but the real fact of the matter is that the quadcopter basically flies itself, leaving little need for the pilot to really do.

Since Drones have GPS and many have other electronics that allow you to chart courses, hover in specific positions and even move ever so slowly so as to move with earth's rotation, there is little that drones cannot do from the sky when called upon. Easy to fly technology along with lower prices than ever this year on both Hobby and Professional level drones have made quadcopter flying one of this year's hottest pastimes!

For these reasons, Jeff Wiley found a drone as the perfect Christmas gift for his wife!

Will I Get In Trouble For Flying A Drone?

One of the biggest questions that I’ve gotten lately is whether its legal to fly a drone without a license or special permits if its just for recreation, so I would like to address the issue directly on the blog.

Over the past couple years, hobby drone technology has really come a long way. Hobby drones can reach distances of up to a mile and a half that I’ve seen personally, and with the right camera, you can actually zoom in to see what someone dials on their iPhone screen from roughly 200-400 yards.

The concerns surrounding privacy and drone use have come under fire in congress and in the news media. Add to this heated debate, the current FCC regulations which are extremely confusing at best, and local law enforcement’s interpretation of the delicate subject. Finally you have the public’s general distrust of any unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

On more than one occasion recreational drone fliers have been stopped by police and drones confiscated. In other cases, legitimate photography studios have been given cease and desist warnings against drone photography.

Top Micro Drones 2016


A Top List Of the Best Nano Quadcopter Drones in 2016

Mini and Nano Quadcopter Drones have gained massive popularity late in 2014 and the interest has steadily risen since then. Nano Quadcopters earned their popularity for many reasons, the top three (based on Amazon reviews) are:

  • Low Prices – Usually under $50
  • Easy To Fly – Best Quadcopters for Beginners
  • Can Go Anywhere – Stuff in a purse or backpack for flying at a park or even at work

We’ve also found that there’s many more reasons that Nano Quadcopters have gained popularity, and some of the top reasons we came across were that:

  • Nano Quadcopters don’t scare people – When you take a full size DJI Phantom out, many people will wonder what kind of mischief you’re up to — especially if it has a GoPro onboard. Nano Quadcopters can be flown just about anywhere and people don’t get worried. They see a nano quadcopter as just a toy, and there’s nothing to worry about… even when it does have a camera.
  • Law Enforcement Doesn’t Hassle You – Cops don’t care about toys. They’ll drive (or walk) right by, sometimes even stopping to try it out. We’ve had a couple cops come through the park near our house, and rather than give us trouble, they gave flying a try. Two weeks later, the same cops showed up with nano drones of their own!
  • Easily Replaceable – If you break or lose one, you can easily replace it without tapping out your savings account. Since most of them cost less than $50, even kids can work to earn the money for another one

Best Nano Quadcopters 2016 Review

This list of best nano drones was just put together from Amazon’s top sold list. There’s nothing secret or special about this list, but we think that it’s definitely worth posting:

Syma-X12-Nano-DroneSyma X12 Mini Nano Drone – Taking up a total of 3 inches, the Syma X12 Mini Nano will give you about 10 minutes of flight time both in and outdoors. It is extremely easy for a beginner drone flyer, and can do flips and other stunts $18.93 with free shipping



x-10Kii Toys X-10 – One of the smallest Nano Drones available, the X-10 measures just over 1.5 inches! Kids love these for table top acrobatics and obsticle courses on rainy days. There’s also a 6 way gyro on board for a surprising level of stability and control
$24.99 with free shippingGreen | Blue | White | Pink | Orange | 4 pack (Shown on left) $89


Top Drones for Beginners 2016

best drones for beginners 2015

You Gotta Start Somewhere, and chances are, flying a drone is going to be a little more difficult than it looks on Youtube. You’ll have your fair share of bumps and crashes, so you want to get a drone that isn’t just easy to fly, but also easy to find replacement parts as well. We’ve put together the Top Drones for Beginners in 2015 list to help you find the right quadcopter to get started with.

Essential Beginner Drone Hardware

When you’re just starting out, as I mentioned above, you’ll want a few things to go along with the drone you’re purchasing. These essential items ensure that you don’t have to run right back to your computer and order replacement parts just because you crashed on your very first flight.

  • Spare body
  • Spare frame
  • Additional Rotor blades
  • extra motors
  • extra batteries
  • extra charger

You’ll definitely will want the extra batteries and charger for your drone. Since most beginner drones don’t have more than a 10 minute flight time (average: 4-6 minutes), having three or four extras will ensure that you don’t have to wait around long for another battery to be charged… and speaking of which, it’s always good to have a second battery charger (or multi battery charger) so that you can charge at least two at a time.

"Drone On: the Future of UAV Over the US"

From military weapons expos in Jordan to idyllic SoCal beaches, we caught up with some of those who are building and selling unmanned aerial vehicles all over the world, and even convinced a few companies to let us take their flying spy robots for a spin.

Originally aired on and posted via

Go Pro Hero 4 With Case, 32GB MicroSD + More!

It's widely accepted that the Go Pro Hero 4 (Sliver) HD Video Camera is one of the best cameras for drones due to it's small size and light weight. The Go Pro is also one that you'll find on most hobby and professional level drones, RC Cars and is widely used by athletes around the world.

This Holiday, has rolled out a very special deal on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition where you can get a ton of extras along with the Go Pro! Here's what you get:

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