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Yuneec Typhoon G: An Affordable Professional Drone

Step into the ring with the Professional Drone big boys with the Yuneec Typhoon G, Yuneec’s affordable pro drone. 

In a hobby where you could spend $3,000 or more on a professional drone, the Yuneec Typhoon G comes in at a very affordable $500 that’s ready to fly! Just strap on your GoPro, load up the dedicated mobile app (GoPro Only), and you’re flying!

Professional Features

Forget the toy drones with 5-7 minute flight times… The Yuneec Typhoon G offers 25-30 minutes flight time off a single battery charge. The Watch Me, Follow Me feature will have your drone following the subject automatically so you can concentrate of getting the right shots! You can tell the drone to follow the subject, do a full circle around them for a 360 view, or customize the flight pattern to get exactly the footage you need.

3Axis Gimbal Included

No one likes shaky videos. Get the stabilization you’re looking for with the included 3-axis GB-20 Gimbal stabilizer, sized perfectly for your GoPro, SJ4000 or other action camera.

NOTE: SJ4000 and other action camera users — The Yuneec Typhoon G was specifically designed to be used with a true GoPro. While the SJ4000 and similar works in the Gimbal, you will not have a direct link to the camera as you would with the GoPro. The Workaround: If your SJ4000 or similar has Wi-Fi, use the wi-fi app for the action camera instead of the dedicated GoPro version.

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Steady Grip Included

The Steady Grip is a handheld camera mount. It will hold either a mobile phone or GoPro / SJ4000. Not exactly sure why they included this, but at the same time, I realize that they’re trying to cater to a professional videographer, so it might make sense.


Yuneec Typhoon G Unboxing and Demo

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