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X Nano Smallest RC Drone | Drones


The X Nano is Perfect For Indoor Flying!

If space is at a premium, the X Nano RC Micro Drone is perfect for kids and adults who love to fly, but live in high rises, apartments or anywhere there isn’t much flying space. The X Nano fits in the palm of your hand and flies smoothly and accurately minimizing the risk of breaking something. It’s also very light so even when it runs full tilt into something, chances are it doesn’t have enough kinetic energy to knock things over.


The X Nano is also a perfect quadcopter to travel with

If you are one of those people who want a drone that you can travel with, the X Nano is perfect. Pack it up with you and fly just about anywhere you go. Consider buying the Spektrum Ultra Micro video camera so you can record your flights and take photos everywhere you go as well.

The X Nano was featured on our list of Micro Drones with Cameras a little while back and we’ve seen sales on Amazon.com increase over the past couple months due to it’s small size and low price tag.

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