WL Toys V959 Quadcopter


WL Toys V959 Quadcopter

WL Toys V959 Quadcopter RC 4 Channel V989 – Futuristic Drone Flier with Onboard Camera

The WLtoys v959 Quadcopter is one of the best selling quadcopters on the entry level market both due to low price and included Video Camera onboard. With the four channel radio and a ton of hot features, it’s no wonder that people love to buy this quadcopter drone!

WLtoys V959 Review

This budget radio controlled quadcopter is suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use by both novice and experienced fliers alike. There’s almost no setup and it’s durable enough to withstand light crashes. The body is a durable plastic, and the rotors withstand breakage pretty well, so kids will definitely have fun with this quadcopter!

Flying the V959

The V959 is one of the easier drones to fly in that you don’t have to adjust the trim on the controller too much, and holding a position in air isn’t difficult if there’s not a ton of wind. Perfect for Amature Aerial PhotograpyFirst Person View (FPV) flight recordings, but the bottom line is that it’s just a whole bunch of fun for everyone without breaking the bank!

WLtoys V959 Drone On Board Camera Video Example

WLToys V959 Quadcopter Drone with Camera package contains:

  • Quadcopter x 1 w 640×480 resolution 60 fps cam mounted
  • Li-Polymer Battery 500 mah x 1
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter x 1 (requires 6 AA batteries – NOT included)
  • AC Charger (takes 1+ hours to fully charge battery)
  • Spare Propellers x 1 Set
  • 2G Micro SD Card x 1
  • USB Card Reader x 1

Another Videos of the V959 Quadcopter In Flight:


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