WL Toys V262 Cyclone


WL Toys V262 Cyclone Review

The WL Toys V262 Cyclone Quadcopter is one of the latest quadcopters to come from the well known manufacturer. The V262 specifically is perfect for carrying light payloads including fpv cameras. The V262 comes ready to fly (RTF) except for 6-AA batteries needed for the transmitter.

The Quadcopter flies well without having to tweak it much and is perfect for beginning drone flyers. The flight is smooth and the drone is fairly crash resistant. If you’ve been looking at drones for a while, the distinct style of the WL Toys V262 has been brought over from the Parrot AR. Drone. Although some might call the V262 a copycat, we think of it as the “younger brother” to the Parrot, also carrying a lower price tag.

In the Box:

  • 1 x WL Toys V262 RC Quadcopter
  • 1 x transmitter
  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x charger
  • 4 x spare propeller

Get Extra Batteries!

The WL Toys V262 Cyclone gives you 5-7 minutes of flight time, so you’ll want to pick up extra batteries. They’re available on Amazon.com as well for just $12.85. We usually get three to five extra for our drones so that we can have at least an hour of flying time fun with the kids.

WL Toys V262 Cyclone Camera Add On

You will definately want to grab the camera add on pack for your WL Toys V262. Having an onboard camera is part of what makes drone flying really fun! Get the overhead aerial views that only birds see from your quadcopter. This 2MP camera shoots both still photo and videos. Video file type AVI, resolution 640×480 60 fps —INCLUDES: – Camera – Micro SD Card 2G – Micro SD Card Reader.

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