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What Can I Use A Drone For? | Blog


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Drones Aren’t Just Toys, They Have Many Practical Uses

When you ask most people their opinion of a “radio controlled drone” or “helicopter”, most will think that they’re just toys. It’s really too bad that this is the general opinion of drones because they have so many practical uses. Sure, there’s the quadcopters and helicopters that are just toys, but there’s also hobby drones and professional drones. I think that there’s a whole new class of drone that should be mentioned, and drones with cameras fit perfectly for that category:

Practical Drones

Practical drones are on the same level as hobby drones, but I’d submit that they are only pulled out for practical purposes. I think of practical drones as those that help you do things that you’d not ordinarily be able to do with such ease. Here’s what I do with my Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 as it’s also used for practical purposes:

How Full Are My Gutters?

Checking to see if the gutters on the house are full of leaves and other junk is a perfect task for a Parrot drone (or other drone with onboard camera). While not all drones such as the AR. Drone can stream what it sees back to you, you can definitely record the video and review it after you’ve surveyed your house’s gutters. The drone’s video will tell you instantly if you have to pull out the latter or not, and exactly where the clogs in your gutters are.

Survey the Property

If you happen to be lucky enough to live on a large plot of land, you can also use the drone to quickly see what’s going on and to find those squatters that have pitched their tent somewhere towards the back of your property. All joking aside, you can get both a bird’s eye view and then fly down close when you see something wrong or out of place.

Animal Watching

If you’re one of those people who love watching nature, try taking your drone out the next time you look for deer or elk. Using a drone can give you some pretty amazing shots, especially if its right behind a deer that happens to be running! It’s also good for following a creek or river down past a bend to see what you’re up against if you like canoeing kayaking (just make sure to pack your drone in a watertight pack).

Weddings and Special Events

Drones have a way of catching the action like no other. The Parrot AR. Drone is perfect for such events as it can act much like a boom camera, allowing you to swoop in for the moment when the groom kisses the bride, and following the happy couple down the aisle and out of the chapel to the limo! The drone is also great to use for back yard parties, neighborhood get togethers and “little league” sporting events (when permitted).

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