Walkera Voyager 3 Review – Best Drones With Cameras


Walkera Voyager 3 Is The Drone For When You Need It All!

For any drone hobbyist or professional that is uncompromising, the Walkera Voyager 3 is the ideal DJI Inspire 1 alternative. While the two quadcopters may seem fairly close on the outside, the Walkera Voyager 3 has some really nice features under the hood.

Walkera Voyager 3 – at a glance:

  • 5.8GHz frequency, 5″ LCD monitor
  • Telemetry function allows users to monitor real-time voltage
  • Newest GPS flight control system, providing more accurate flight and position hold capabilities.
  • The aircraft can automatically cruise around the perimeter of a customizable flight radius.
  • If the aircraft strays beyond radio range, the aircraft will autonomously return to the take-off location.

For the novice, the Voyager 3 looks unsurprisingly similar to the Inspire One as it has a tall, narrow body with HD Camera hanging below on a gimbal, it’s also white, just as the Inspire One does, the four legs retract upwards during flight and the drone can be flown by two people for best use. The one most notible difference between the two is that the Voyager 3 retracts the camera upward when landing to protect it and then moves it back down after take off. By Design, the Voyager 3’s landing gear is sturdier than the Inspire One’s, giving it better durability in our book.


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