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Top 6 Drones for Beginners | Blog


Best Drones for Beginners

Perhaps you’ve flown those Toy Airhogs and got bitten by “drone fever”, or a friend of yours has one and you think its really cool. Whatever the case, the first thing you really need is a drone and controller package. We’ve made the job easy for you by listing the top Drone Packages on Amazon.com for you to browse and choose from! All the drones have gotten good reviews, are either prebuilt or require mininal setup, and are pretty easy to fly.

Updated: Best Beginner Drones 2017

KingPow RC Drone 2.4GHz FPV Wifi Camera Drone

KingPow RC Drone 2.4GHz FPV camera drones

The KingPow RC Drone is one of the most popular drones for it’s features and how easy it is to fly. The drone comes ready to fly and has a 720P Wi-Fi camera that can send video back to your smartphone.

The KingPow Camera Drone offers a 6 axis gyro, stunts, headless flying mode for beginners and is a very stable and durable drone.

Price: $85 via Amazon| Check Current Price


visuo xs809hw

The Visuo XS809HW selfie drone offers a wide angle 720P camera and altitude hold so that you can get those pictures you want. The best part is that the drone is foldable, so it can pack away nicely in your backpack to go where ever you go. Offers 5 minute flight times and variable speed control.

Price: $79 via Amazon| Check Current Price

ToyPark DIY Lego Building Block Camera Drone

lego droneThe Toypark DIY Building Block Camera drone is a fantastic do-it-yourselfer for those that want a Lego-style experience of building a camera drone.

The drone offers an onboard camera, one key return, autoflight when out of range and auto take off and landing. Perfect for kids and parents!

Price: $59 via Amazon| Check Current Price

MJX X800 6 Rotor Drone

mjx x600 6 rotor droneOf you’re looking for stability and durability, look no further. The MJX X600 is a hexacopter with 6 rotors that provides smooth flight that any beginner can anticipate. Offers 3 speed level options and 6 axis gyro.

This version does not come with a camera, but is still perfect for beginner pilots!

Price: $49 via Amazon| Check Current Price


RL Toys V959 with Onboard Camera

RL Toys has made a name for themselves in the entry level quadcopter market space. Their drones are almost 100% prebuilt and come with everything you need to fly. You get 6-8 minutes of flight time with every charge, and there’s an onboard video camera that allows you to record all your flights (and post to youtube if you wish). This drone is perfect for the beginner, and bears and average price of $55 on Amazon.com


Hubsan X4 H104C with Onboard Camera

The Hubsan X4 line is also a wildly popular line of drones primarily for ease of use and durability. They are quite easy to fly and require no real build time. Flying one of these is a ton of fun, and you’ll get between 6-8 minutes of flight time on this as well. If you are using the onboard camera, your time might be reduced to about 5 minutes. The Hubsan X4 H104C is the perfect starter drone, and comes in around $50 on Amazon.com



The UDI U818A is a small step up from the two above drones as it’s targeted towards a beginner hobbyist, and is a little more involved in setup to flying. There are also a ton of parts also available on the market for this drone. Like the above drones, you have an onboard camera and and average 6-10 minute flight time (5-7 minutes when shooting video). TheU818A prices out around $60 on Amazon.com


Syma X5C

The Syma X5C is also a step up, and like the U818A, has some upgrades available on the market. The really nice thing about the X5c is that it has guards around the rotors so as a beginner, you have to worry less about bumping into something and breaking your rotors off. It comes with a camera, like the others above, and sports a 5-7 minute runtime. The S5C prices out on Amazon.com for about $50.

extreme flyers micro drone

Extreme Flyers Micro Drone

While the Micro Drone is going to be on the smaller end size wise, they’re also on the top end of our Drones for Beginnerslist here. Coming in around $139 on Amazon, they’re still quite affordable for someone whos serious on getting started in this hobby. there is some assembly required, and you can expect a 5-7 minute run time. While they also have a 50 meter usuable range, I find it hard to see them at that far out due to their small size.

Hero RC V626

Hero RC V626

The Hero RC V626 with Onboard Camera is probably one of the most fun Drones to fly as it has really, REALLY cool LED lighting! These drones are best used at dusk or even at night, provided you’re sure you’re not going to bump into anything. They have an onboard video camera like the above drones, and come in around $75-$100 from Amazon.


And to get your started, Here’s how to fly a Drone!

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