Tarantula X6


Looking For A Cheap DJI Phantom Alternative?Try the YiZhan Tarantula X6 ( aka: JJRC H16)

If you’re on a budget, but want to get really good professional quality video footage, the YiZhan Tarantula X6 is going to be a good bet, and for $60, why not?

Tarantula X6 Review

It Even Has Gimbal Mount Points.

That means you can mount a gimbal and your GoPro to the Tarantula X6! While you’ll only get five to seven minutes of flight time out of the Tarantula’s 7.4 volt 1200mAh battery, for the videographer on a budget, it’s sure beats paying $500 or more! You can also get extra batteries to extend the time in the field too, so it just makes sense.

You also do have another battery option, which I go into below.

The Tarantula is a larger drone, that definitely had the power to lift the extra weight of the gimbal and GoPro, and since it doesn’t weight that much more than the stock camera, you won’t see a drop in the flight time with the extra few grams.

Tarantula X6 (JJRC H16) quality

The Tarantula is put together well, with good fit and finish. It has strong impact resistant plastic that will withstand a light bump or two, but it probably won’t survive a full speed impact with concrete or a tree. There is assembly required, but that is just installing the propellers and LED caps that go over the LEDs on the rotor arms.

The tall landing gear must also be installed. Make sure it’s secure, because it’s going to be the only thing that protects your GoPro both during flight and landing. The installation requires installation with a few included screws (you’ll need your own PH1 head screwdriver).

Tarantula X6 Flight

Since the Tarantula is a bigger drone, it is quite a bit more stable than a Hubsan X4 or any micro drone you might have flown previously. In fact, the Tarantula flies a lot like a DJI Phantom — very stable and predictable. The drone has a 6 axis gyro to increase the stability, as well as headless mode to aid novice pilots control the drone.

Since the drone is so predictable, one just needs to get a feel for acceleration and how it flies. The power can be limited down to 40%, 60% or the full 100%, so for new pilots, you could set the power to only 40% at first.

How To Increase The Tarantula’s Flight Time Up To 15 Minutes

Since the stock battery gives you only five to seven minutes of flight time, you can optionally purchase a longer life 2200mAh 7.4 volt cell that will increase the flight time up to 15 minutes. The average price on those 2200mAh cells is around $15 each on Amazon. Its still a bargain considering you’ve only spent $60 on the Tarantula as opposed to over $500 for a Phantom 3, right? It will take about 3 hours to recharge a single 2200mAh battery as opposed to the 1.5 hours on the stock battery, so make sure you get few of them.

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