Syma x5c Quadcopter


Want A DJI Phantom, but don’t want to shell out $500-$2000?

Take a look at the Syma X5C QuadCopter Drone. Sure it’s similar to the Phantom, but I’ll guarantee you that you’ll save a ton of money on this multi rotor! Syma is known for delivering excellent quality without the price tag, and the Syma X5C is no exception. From the large rotors to the included HD video camera, the Syma X5C is the perfect quadcopter for both beginners as well as entry level hobby drone fliers!

The Syma S5C is one of’s Top 10 QuadCopters due to it’s low price and excellent value. The X5C is not just easy to fly, but tons of fun and also very good for practical uses. While it’s not exactly a commercial drone, the X5C makes for a great drone for teens, and beginning hobbyists. There’s tons of replacement parts on the internet and on, so you’ll rest assured that you’ll always be able to replace parts… right down to the motors!

The Syma X5C comes with a HD Video Camera, one extra set of rotors in case you break the first set, 2GB MicroSD card, and will reach distances of up to 30 meters. You’ll get about 7 minutes of flight per charge, so it’s recommended to get an extra battery or two.

One of the drawbacks to the Syma X5C is that it really only does about 30-45 meters distance stock. This is due to the curiously short antenna the drone’s controller comes with. If you actually use a 2.4gHz antenna, you can more than double that range. If you have a desktop computer’s wi-fi antenna sitting around, head over to instructables for a really nice tutorial on how to mount the wi-fi antenna

Here’s a nice video post from Quadcopter 101 on both before and after the antenna modification:

After the antenna modification:

The Camera is pointed downward too much for most people’s taste, so if you add a small spacer at the back of the camera as in the first video above, you can get much better video from the drone flying.

All in all, the Syma X5C Quadcopter is a great RC Drone with a reasonable price tag! It takes a little extra modification to make it really perform well, but then again, what hobbyist doesn’t like tinkering?

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