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Skyartec Butterfly S 4Ch RC Quadcopter | Drones


The Skyartec Butterfly S is the latest model that replaced the MC01 Butterfly this year, and comes with a new receiver and upgraded motors. The Skyartec Butterfly S 4Ch RC Quadcopter drone uses a gyroscope to sense the rotational speed and accelerometer to measure acceleration or gravity directly on the the flight control board. These two features help greatly to stabilize the multirotor drone while flying for the best experience. 

Skyartec Butterfly S 4Ch RC Quadcopter


The Butterfly S is a perfect quadcopter for beginning hobbyists. There’s also a new compass feature that makes flying the drone easy. Without this feature, the quadcopter would be controlled more like a helicopter where you’d have to face the helicopter in the way you’d want to go, you also have to do that with this quad copter. With the compass feature, you can go forward in any direction regardless of which direction the front of the Butterfly S is pointing.

The Skyartec Butterfly S 4Ch RC Drone comes fully built and with everything you nee to fly including the long range Skyartec NASA701 7ch LCD Radio Controller. The dron features an advanced 6 axis gyro with auto correcting that supports fixed point hovering. There’s even a PTZ link that makes aerial photography and FPV flying tons of fun!

The body is made of carbon fiber and the housing is high impact plastic. There is no camera included with this drone.

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