NightHawk DM007 Review


NightHawk DM007 Review

It’s funny really. The Nighthawk DM007 is essentially the same drone as the Recomfit RCF007 down to the body and features, but it’s worth a mention that many of the drones

you might find on Amazon or similar sites are just the same as others, but rebranded without changes. It saddens me that there are so many copycats in the flourishing drone market when there’s so much potential for better and different, but then again, I’m not developing drones, so I don’t have much room to complain other than being a consumer.

The Nighthawk DM007 is an excellent drone for beginners as well as for experienced explorers. The DM007 is easy to repair if you damage after a crash. Like the Recomfit, there is phone support is available for repairs, and beginner flight information, and a custom photo or grayscale manual is also included in your packaging.

The drone does 360° Flips including left, right, front flips, back flips. It also has precise hovering capabilities with the latest 6-Axis adjustable gyroscope technology, with failsafe headless mode. There is a 4GB MicroSD memory card included with removable On-Board 2MP 720p HD video camera for a recorded first person view of your flying. RC switch while in flight to start video recording or photo capture. The 2.4Ghz spread spectrum technology remote controller with 100-150 meters range allows for further flying and offers the best anti-interference ability. In all, the Nighthawk DM007 offers fast and easy flight for anyone. Crabbing left & right, flips , and 360 degree turning and rolling, super easy to land. Quadcopters are good starters and easier to fly than a RC Helicopter, and the DM007 is a great beginner’s drone!

Make sure to also order a DM007 Crash Pack that includes extra rotors, upper/lower body, landing gear, screws and screwdriver!

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