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Kii Toys Nano Drone | Drones


Flying Fun Anywhere with the Kii Toys Nano Drone

The Kii Toys nano drone is a really fun compact drone that can be flown just about anywhere. We found that even though it’s fast, it wont even knock over a 20oz bottle of pop because it’s so light! That makes it perfect for annoying the crap out of mom and dad while making sure that you don’t break anything ensuring you don’t spend any time in “time out”!

Kii Toys Nano Drone

While it may not be something you’d be able to attach a GoPro camera onto, you can practice precision flights around the kitchen, through the dining room or just about anywhere in the house that has a little space. The nano drones give you about five minutes of flying time… more than enough to seriously chase the cat around the house, and enough time to annoy mom and dad if just have to try.

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The Nano drones are just toys. These are beginner level drones, not hobby or professional, so don’t expect more than just a little flying fun, but hey… they cost less than $30 and come in four colors. Oh, yeah, and you’ll need two AAA batteries for the transmitter.

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