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Best Drones With Cameras | Camera Drone Reviews


JJRC H47 Elfie 720p HD FPV Folding Pocket Drone

When it comes to compact folding pocket drones that pack a lot of value for the price, the JJRC H47 Elfie Folding Drone is a great choice for use anytime. It offers FPV, 720HD vertical swivel camera and flight planning built into the iOS/Android app. If you’re flying at night, the navigation lights built into the rotor arms help you see the drone and know which end is front and which is back.

x183GPS Follow Me, Circle Me FPV Camera Drone Review

Drones have been getting more advanced in 2017, and the X183GPS FPV drone is no exception. This drone is less than $200 and offers GPS, Follow me, Circle Me, FPV and a lot more!

The X183GPS Camera drone is said to have a 300 meter control and FPV range. Also, with the onboard GPS, it offers follow me and circling modes.

Many of the X183GPS parts are identical to the Syma X5C, such as rotors motors and battery, so finding replacement parts isn’t hard. The motors are brushed motors, and at some point, they might need to be replaced, but the process is simple and easy as the motors just drop in place.

JJRC H26W Review

The JJRC H26W is a large brushed motor quadcopter capable of flights easily over 100 meters.

Needless to say, just from looking at the quadcopter, there’s something really different about this one. It’s camera.

Most toy-class drones offer a standard 720P pinhole camera that’s either mounted to the belly of the drone, or fully integrated into the body. The JJRC H26W is a bit different as it has a more “professional” camera mount, and remotely adjustable 3mp 720P camera that actually has a wide angle 140° lens!

UpAir One Long Range FPV Drone

One of the latest drones that have come to my attention is the UpAir One. This drone is said to be a long range FPV drone that comes with either a 2K or 4K camera that is comparable to a GoPro.

The UpAir one has a very similar body style to a DJI Phantom, and has been on the market since November 2015. The company that produces the UpAir One was bought out around the lunar new year earlier this year and went through a major reorganization to become what it is now.

The reason that’s important is because the old company sold the “UpAir Chase One” while under the new company (a hostile takeover from what I understand) it was renamed to “UpAir One”, and the latter is what we’re looking at in this review.

JXD 509G

Awesome looks and great flying sum up the JDX 509G 5.8gHz FPV Quadcopter.

If you want to get into FPV Drone flying, the JDX 509G is a very good place to start. It comes with everything you need to get started, and the drone comes out of the box essentially ready to fly (RTF). Immediately, you find that you just have to charge up the battery, attach the camera and rotor blades and you’re good to fly.

Hubsan is first to the market with a toy drone that has GPS and on board camera for about $120

In fact, the performance of the Hubsan X4 H502E is comparable to some $300 drones out there. With longer flight times and amazing accuracy, the H502E is the perfect camera drone for anyone that wants to move from toy class drones into more advanced hobby and professional drones.

The Hubsan X4 H502E is the perfect drone for both beginners and drone enthusiasts alike. It’s wide range of features accommodate all skill levels, and with GPS and Altitude hold, the drone is one of the easiest to fly for novices.

Tarantula X6

Looking For A Cheap DJI Phantom Alternative?
Try the YiZhan Tarantula X6 ( aka: JJRC H16)

If you’re on a budget, but want to get really good professional quality video footage, the YiZhan Tarantula X6 is going to be a good bet, and for $60, why not?

WL Toys V959 Quadcopter RC 4 Channel V989 – Futuristic Drone Flier with Onboard Camera

The WLtoys v959 Quadcopter is one of the best selling quadcopters on the entry level market both due to low price and included Video Camera onboard. With the four channel radio and a ton of hot features, it’s no wonder that people love to buy this quadcopter drone!

UDI U818A Is One of The Best Low-Priced Quadcopter In The Market Today. It Comes From Well Reputed, Popular & one of The Industry Topper Brand Known As The “UDI”. This Quad Has All The Features You Expect In a High-Quality Model Such As  Axis Gyro, FPV Video Camera, Modular Design, four Channel Function, Powerful Motors & Many More. The Remote Distance Is Up To 30 Meters. Overall, This Is One of The Good-Looking Model That Can Provides Exceptional Value For Your Investment.

The Skyartec Butterfly S is the latest model that replaced the MC01 Butterfly this year, and comes with a new receiver and upgraded motors. The Skyartec Butterfly S 4Ch RC Quadcopter drone uses a gyroscope to sense the rotational speed and accelerometer to measure acceleration or gravity directly on the the flight control board. These two features help greatly to stabilize the multirotor drone while flying for the best experience. 

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