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JJRC H12C Altitude and Range Tests | Extended Reviews


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JJRC H12C Altitude and Range Tests

After doing the initial JJRC H12C review, I took the drone out to a large park to test for two things.

I wanted to see how far I could push the JJRC H12C in terms of range, both in altitude as well as distance. The results were pretty good, to say the least.

The first test was the altitude test. Taking off, I immediately sent the drone up to an altitude of about 60 meters. While there was no wind on the ground, there seemed to be a good breeze going up there, and the drone got a bit squirrely, so I couldn’t maintain the altitude for very long. I plan to revisit this test on a better day in the near future.

As far as distance in concerned, the drone easily went 50-60 meters out, but lost signal around 70 meters. I don’t plan to fly the drone that far away most of the time, so I don’t foresee a huge issue with range anytime soon.

What I did notice during this test was that the first battery went dead about a minute and a half into the flight. The second one did better, around three minutes, but it seems that the batteries lose charge if they just sit around. I charged up the batteries the night before around 8pm. As soon as they were done charging, I pulled them off the charger, and they sat on the dresser until the next morning. Both batteries just didn’t have the full charge from what I could tell.

The drone felt really sluggish on the first battery, even in expert mode. The issue wasn’t there on the second battery, but the H12C only got three minutes of flight time there too.

I love the JJRC H12C as it’s a very easy drone to fly.

I raved about it in my last review, but I need to figure out this battery thing. I hate getting out in the field only to get a minute or two of flight time.

At any rate, here’s the JJRC H12C Altitude and Range Test Flights

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