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Hubsan X4 H502E

Hubsan is first to the market with a toy drone that has GPS and on board camera for about $120

In fact, the performance of the Hubsan X4 H502E is comparable to some $300 drones out there. With longer flight times and amazing accuracy, the H502E is the perfect camera drone for anyone that wants to move from toy class drones into more advanced hobby and professional drones.

The Hubsan X4 H502E is the perfect drone for both beginners and drone enthusiasts alike. It’s wide range of features accommodate all skill levels, and with GPS and Altitude hold, the drone is one of the easiest to fly for novices.

Hubsan X4 H502E’s All New GPS Module

Hubsan wasn’t just first to market with a toy drone that has on board GPS, the fact that it works VERY well makes it one of the top selling toy drones in 2017. With a street price of just $120, it’s easy to see why.

The GPS enables more advanced features to work as they should, such as return to home and position hold.

video courtesy of Quadcopter 101

GPS Assisted Return To Home

This is a breath of fresh air. We’re kind of tired of drones that just go backwards when you hit the “return to home” button. The Hubsan X4 H502E, on the other hand, works like a professional drone.

It saves the GPS coordinates where it takes off from, and then returns back to those coordinates when you hit the return to home button. The drone usually lands within 10 feet of the takeoff point.

Position Hold

The GPS Position hold works impeccably well. The drone can hover in one spot with less than a three inch variance for the entire duration of its flight time, something conventional toy drones just cannot do. Even in a small breeze, the drone will correct itself to hold position.

Altitude Hold

One of the most impressive things about the drone is that it can skim the ground with the altitude hold locked on. The drone can fly as low as six inches from the ground without brushing against it at all! The altitude hold is also good when you’re taking selfie shots with the drone. The drone uses both position and altitude hold to get that perfect picture.

Hubsan X4 H502E 720P Camera

While the camera hardware seems to be the same as in the older H107C, it’s definitely been tweaked for better video. You don’t get so much sun washout, and in the evening, there is compensation for low light areas to some extent. The video seems to be smoother, even though Hubsan issued the same specs for the H502E. My guess is that the firmware got revised, not a change of camera hardware.

Hubsan X4 H502E Flight Times

it should be mentioned first that the Hubsan now has a 7.4v 620mAH power cell, rather than the 3.7v that came in it’s predecessors. This means you’ll need all new batteries. Don’t fret though… The H502E has much longer runtimes than the older models. You’ll see flight times of about 13 minutes with the camera recording, and 15 minutes without.

Other Notes

The H502E takes off and flies quite easily. New users will only need a few tries to get the hang of this drone, and it’s extremely forgiving. There’s three modes, and of course, novices should start on the beginner mode to learn how the drone operates.

Recharge times are about 75 minutes or so, 90 minutes if the battery is completely dead (as much as a Li-Po can be).

The drone can handle light winds, but strong gusts can take it off course. Interestingly enough, once the drone frees itself from a gust of wind, it will return to the previous GPS coordinates if it was in position/altitude hold mode.

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