Holy Stone X400C FPV


Holy Stone X400C FPV

The Holy Stone X400C just looks aggressive.

From the sprawling rotor arms to the chiseled aerodynamic body, it’s a drone that looks like it just means business… Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The X400C is a FPV drone with the ability to live stream video back to your mobile via Wi-Fi, giving you that awesome view as if you were sitting in the drone as if flies.

The Holy Stone X400C offers a host of features despite it’s moderately low price tag. The 2.4gHz transmitter uses anti interference technology to allow multiple drones flying in the same airspace at the same time.

The drone can do aerial acrobatics such as barrel rolls, flips and more. The transmitter has a button that you can press to make the X400C roll easily.

The Holy Stone X400C has a full feature list

  • 6 axis gyro for in-flight stability
  • Headless mode (same orientation regardless of direction the drone is pointed)
  • 3.7v LiPo Battery, 7-9 minute runtime
  • 2.4gHz remote controller (requires 3x AA batteries)
  • 720P Video camera that supports FPV to iOS or Android phone/tablet
  • 100-140 meter flight distance
  • Battery charge time 60-72 minutes (better get extra batteries!)

One of the best features for beginner drone pilots is the X400C’s headless mode. What this does is orient the drone so that left is always the pilot’s left, and not left from the drone’s point of view. More simply put, if the drone were facing you, and you moved the controller joystick left, the drone would move to your left, even though it’s actually turning right if you were sitting in the drone cockpit.

The drone has a beginner, intermediate and advanced mode. In beginner mode, the movements are less pronounced and top speed is limited to allow the beginner drone pilot to respond.

In the intermediate mode, the limitations to the pitch and yaw are removed, but the speed limitation is still in place.

In advanced mode, all limitations from the drone’s movement and speed are removed, and you’ll find that despite the drone’s size, its very fast and nimble.

With the X400C, you can record flight video from your iPhone or Android phone rather than directly on a MicroSD card, which by the way, that is an option too if you don’t or can’t record to the mobile. The real time video stream begins to lag around 50 to 75 meters due to signal latency, so the Holy Stone X400C wouldn’t make for a very good racing drone, and you definitely don’t want to fly the drone with FPV Goggles at those ranges. The drone would crash before you saw it coming in the feed.

The Holy Stone X400C is powerful enough to carry a 1/2lb payload. You know what this means? Take a weekend, fabricate a GoPro mount and swap out the 720P stock camera for a real GoPro for fantastic in flight video! If the GoPro is wi-fi, you can still pipe the feed back to your mobile too.

X400C Assembly

Although the drone comes “RTF”, or ready to fly, there is still a bit of assembly needed prior to first flight. Oh, well… you need something to do as the battery charges up the first time, right? The propeller guards and landing gear need to be installed, and all you need to have is a PH1 (small) Phillips head screw driver.

Next, while the battery is still charging, grab your Android or iOS phone and go and download the FPV app and get familliar with that before taking the drone out for it’s maiden voyage into the skies.

Be mindful also of the camera antenna as it runs down into the landing gear. This antenna is what gives the camera’s FPV Wi-Fi the range it needs to send the video feed to your phone.

Dale Bowling reviews the Holy Stone X400C as well:

This is the top RTF quadcopter I have owned so far this year (in its class). It is very stable in the air and its got a ton of power and flight time. If you have an android phone or an Iphone you can download a small app that you install which turns your phone into a real time flight video screen.

Whenever you get the quadcopter it comes with a few things you have to install (the prop guards and the landing gear). It takes less than ten minutes and the screw driver you need to install everything comes with it. Just take your time and make sure you don’t lose the small screws because they are easy to drop on the floor.

The quadcopter has a small antenna that hooks onto the landing gear. This is what broadcasts the video to your phone and the distance it will go is simply amazing. Whenever you have the phone app on you can choose to just watch the video real time or you can record everything so you can play it back later or put it online so all your friends can see. I personally have put a lot of stuff on youtube and people love looking at this stuff. I can get on youtube and just go for hours watching people do fun stuff with these things. It will also take individual photos if that is what you want to do. Its really cool to see what your house looks like from a few hundred feet in the air.

Overall the remote control is very easy to use and you can switch which mode you want to use to fly it. Most people use mode 2 but you can chose 1-4 which is a rare thing with RTF quadcopters. I think the packaging says it will go up to 100 meters which is around 300 feet away from the radio. I personally haven’t had it that far away but I have had it very close to that distance and it still maintains control. There are several different speed settings so if your new to flying quadcopters you can fly them at lower speeds and its easier for you to learn how to fly them. But if your an intermediate or advanced flyer you can have this thing going super fast and doing 360 degree flips in no time.

The controls are very precise and its a very high quality product. For its size it is one of the faster quadcopters on the market and the frame is very aerodynamic. The camera is on the bottom and you can adjust it to a few different settings to get different viewing angles. At first I couldn’t get used to how its set up to do the 360 degree flips (it wanted to do them all the time). But once I got used to it I could put it anywhere I want to within centimeters. I also like how the quadcopter lights up with the led lighting. Its very bright at night time and even in the day time you can tell which side is which by looking at the color of LED’s. I would recommend this quadcopter for anyone who wants to get into flying them. Its got a ton of extras that most quadcopters make you pay a lot of money extra for. If your new to quadcopters or you have flown them for a while I think this quadcopter would be a great addition to you. I received this product for an honest unbiased review.

From YouTube, ThatsBS RC says:

“This is a great trainer quad with good range, tough durable design and great lights for night flying. This version has a 2 mega pixel camera that is decent for a toy grade camera quad.

I really like the design of the body, it looks cool both in the air and on your shelf. The X400 has really great flight times with it’s big battery. I have consistently got 10 minute flights out of it and that’s very good for a toy quad!

It has optional landing feet and the camera removes easily. Without anything out it you can get this quad moving really quick and it can fight the wind well. With everything on it, it get’s a bit bogged down in the turns. Very fun to fly with it stripped down and made as fast and sporty as it can be.

This quad has 3 rates, but high rate is auto flip mode and is not a flyable rate. Mid rates though is fairly fast and nicely responsive. The transmitter is a nice hobby style TX and has options for everything, camera, flips, headless mode and more with an LCD display to help.

The X400 is incredibly stable, easy to fly and durable making this a perfect beginner quad or intermediate flyer who wants to practice more to move up to a high dollar camera quad.

The video is some fun farm flying with this Holy Stone X400. Please check out my YouTube channel for more videos of this and other multirotors! Thanks!”

There are 232 reviews on Amazon for the Holy Stone X400C, and the drone still got 4.5 stars out of 5 as an average. While you don’t have to give weight to the reviews on this site, it’s hard to ignore the reviews that others have given to this amazing drone!

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