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GoPro Drone Multirotor Gimbal Camera Mount | Blog


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Since this entire blog is about Drones with Cameras, but many of the drones featured here don’t have internal cameras, here’s the equipment to add a camera such as the wildly popular GoPro to your multirotor copter. Most drones have some room underneath for a camera mount, but if yours doesn’t you’ll need to fabricate and extend the legs and feet to accommodate for the camera. Likewise, you can’t just put one of these on a toy drone. You have to have at least a hobby level drone that features interchangeable parts and allows for add on attachments.

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GoPro Gimbal Camera Mount

  • Simple structure and light weight,CNC aluminum alloy structure
  • Brushless motor direct drive, without debugging
  • With anti-vibration rubber balls,easy to adjust
  • with 2pcs 2208 motors and BGC 2.2 gimbal controller,sensor (The BGC 2.2 controller is more better than V3 controller,it’s more stable).
  • Compatible with Gopro4 Gopro3+ & Gopro 3/2/1 (not included)
  • $129.99 on Amazon.com



What does a GoPro Gimbal Camera Mount Do?

Simply, if you mount the GoPro directly to the drone, you’ll get a lot of vibration and shake in the video as the drone flies around. This is caused by the rotor motors, wind and many other natural factors, but having a GoPro gimbal camera mount greatly reduces the shake and also keeps the GoPro level. Here’s a simple video demonstrating how the GoPro Gimbal Works:

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