Day 1 with the Mould King Super-S 33041A


Day 1 with the Mould King Super-S 33041A

I ordered the Mould King Super-S 33041A to see how good a $20 drone could be.

What I found, really surprised me.

From flying drones of all price ranges, one of the biggest things I always thought was you get what you pay for. The Mould King Super S changed my way of thinking (at least for this drone).

Mould King as a drone brand, is a name that I haven’t heard anything about, and in fact, they don’t have much of a presence on at all. They’re sold through Chinese product retailers such as BangGood and Gearbest. The Mould King is the cheapest midsize drone I’ve found so far that’s worth an indepth review.

Most of the $20 or less drones are cheap junk that work a couple times and break. I’ve crashed this drone on the lawn over 20 times (some on purpose) and it gets up and flys again like it never even crashed. Five times, it’s dropped from higher than 30 feet! I was very impressed to say the least.

Day 1 Mould King Super-S 33041A Review

he package arrived in decent condition considering that it was shipped from Guangzhou China. It was a bit crushed in, but thankfully, there was no damage to the drone or the other contents in the box.

The drone took 15 days from date of order to arrive at my house. While waiting sucks, that’s about average for an overseas shipment that’s sent out “regular mail”. The drone was packed in what looked to be a black garbage bag, and sealed with packing tape. From what I saw when I inspected the package, it looked fairly water resistant to me, which is a plus on those kind of long distance shipments.

Inside the box, I found a thin white plastic container that held the drone and all other goods, and a clear thin plastic cover that did little to protect the drone, but was enough to hold it in place.

The drone comes with the rotors already installed, however the blade guards and landing skids do need to be installed. There’s a screwdriver to do the rotor guard installation, but the landing skids have posts that supposedly secure the skids in place. When I put them on, they stayed and were solid, but I’d still feel better if there were screws actually securing them in place.

The drone comes with a 3.7 volt, 300mAH Li-Po Cell that was partially charged in the box. I assume that they gave it a bit of charge to test the drone before shipment as there was a quality assurance sticker on the bottom of the drone.

Also in the box, there is four extra rotors (one for each side) and a USB Charger.

The controller is very simple. No bells and whistles here. No LCD display, and no extra stuff. Its actually a perfect controller for beginners and kids that would get confused with the knobs and buttons that most controllers have. The controller also requires 4 AA batteries (even though the websites all say 3 batteries for some reason).

The Super-S has four LED lights recessed into the bottom side of the rotor arms. In broad daylight, it’s nearly impossible to see the lights at all, so if you get a black drone like I did, it’s also nearly impossible to distinguish the front from the rear of the quad, and when it’s in the air, which direction its facing. What I did to overcome this issue is that I put white Duct Tape on the front landing skid posts to more easily identify which direction it is facing in flight. At night, the blue front LEDs light up the white tape, making it easier to see and know what direction it’s facing as well.

The rotor blade guards are quite bendable, and I question whether they’ll really protect the blades in a crash. In one of the images below, you can see that I easily can bend the rotor guard back to expose the blade, proving that the blade itself can still be damaged in a collision.

The drone’s overall weight is about 0.22lbs, far under the 0.55lb FAA registration requirement, so you will not need to be registered to fly this drone.

Mould King Super-S Flight Notes

Flight Time

I flew the drone five times today. Each time, the battery was fully charged. What I noticed was that the drone got three minutes of full power flying, but the battery quickly dropped off around the four minute mark and the drone is very hard to control around 4 minutes, 30 seconds. Beginners will really only get around 3 minutes, 30 seconds of flight time, after which, the drone begins to act finicky and tends to drift a lot. The user will have to push the altitude (left stick) up farther to maintain the same height, and the drone will dip as you fly in any of the four cardinal directions.

Keep in mind that this is a cheap $20 drone, and it really won’t get the same performance as a $50 or $100 drone. It is possible to fit up to a 500mAh cell into the battery bay, but since I don’t have this, I can only say that others report 5-6 minutes of runtime, but then again, they don’t mention where the full power drops off at either.

I do recommend getting extra batteries when you buy the drone. They’re only $11 for a 5 pack of 380mAh cells, and that also includes the multi-charger that can charge all of them at once.

Speaking of Charging…

The drone battery charges pretty quickly provided you use a 2.1amp USB port. I was seeing the battery charge in just over 35 minutes to full capacity using the 2.1 amp charger. The one time that I used the lower power 1 amp charger, it took 55 minutes to charge. I found that using a 2.1amp portable battery pack that you’d normally use to charge cellphones works very well to charge the Mould King drone’s battery if you’re on the go, and it still charges in only 35-40 minutes.

Transmitter Range

The box and websites offering those FAKE reviews have no idea that this drone doesn’t even come close to the advertised 100 meter range on the box! At best, in wide open areas, I was getting a maximum of 50-60 meters, but the drone was beginning to lose signal around 40 meters.

This is the difference between those FAKE drone review sites that are just in it for the money, and real people that write reviews on the drones THEY OWN. Because I actually own this drone, I can say in all confidence, with video proof that the drone won’t reach 100 meters. It won’t come even close!

For many beginners, this won’t be an issue at all. They’ll be busy flying at much closer ranges, learning how to fly the drone, rather than trying to push the limits as I did for purposes of writing and publishing reviews.

Doing flips is spotty at best

The drone doesn’t always do flips on demand. Perhaps its a defective button on the contoller I got, or maybe it was just not working right, but I could only get the drone to flip about 20% of the time when I hit the button.

Headless Mode and Return To Home

Headless mode was also buggy. The drone seems to forget which way it’s pointing easily, so flying in headless mode, for the most part, doesn’t work. Similarly, the return to home function (RTH) didn’t really work either. The drone just flies in reverse, regardless of which direction it’s facing when the RTH button is pressed.

It’s Actually Easy To Fly

The drone is a very easy to fly drone. I was amazed at how easy it is to take off, and make hover. Getting used to the controls is very easy as well, and it doesn’t take a lot of tweaking on the trim buttons to get it to fly right. As I mentioned before, it’s a great drone for beginners! I found that it was really fun to fly, and there’s not a huge learning curve in doing so.

Yup… It’s A $20 Drone

Considering the price, I don’t really care if Headless and RTH work. They’re not show stoppers for me. The bottom line is that the drone is rediculously stable, easy to fly and great for beginners. It also has an acceptable flight time also given that it’s a $20 drone, and if you lose it, well, it’s not going to put a huge dent in your budget to replace it.

Main Features On The Mould King Super-S 33041A Drone

  • 2.4gHz Controller that has a real range of 50-60 meters maximum, usable range up to 40 meters
  • 6-Axis Gyro system really helps with the stability of the drone during flight
  • 3.7volt, 300mAh LiPo battery puts out approximately 3 minutes flight time at full power, 4.5 minutes until the drone won’t fly anymore
  • Left Hand Throttle only. No option to reverse throttle sticks

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