Best Places To Fly A Drone – Best Drones With Cameras


One of the biggest issues drone flyers have, believe it or not, is finding a place to fly drones where they want be bothered by onlookers or law enforcement.

In this post, well look at great places to fly drones freely and without restrictions save for FAA regulations of course.

Find A Hunter

This may sound crazy, but most hunters know really remote places you can go during the off season of course, to fly your drones. These places generally are a combination of fields and woods, and make excellent places to set up base camp!

Most of these places are also public land and while in the off season, deserted like a wasteland from a MadMax movie.

Large plots of private land

Like above, you can fly pretty much unrestricted, so have at it!

Public parks

Call city hall and preschedule a date where you can fly at a park. If anyone calls 911 or 123 when you’re flying out there, they will know what you’re up to and expect the calls.

In a Gym

These are usually easier to get than calling city hall. You usually just have to clear it with school administration. Like wise with college campuses, its easier to get an approval to fly on private land.

Low Traffic Alleys

If you live in a city, look for alleys that have few people or cars come through.

Parking Structures

Many structures will be dead after 6pm, so you might just get some really fun flight time here in the evenings.

Farm land

When all else fails, find a farmer thats willing to let you buzz around his or her farm for a couple hours. You might have to barter time in exchange for helping out, but that can be seriously fun (and great stuff to post on social media too).

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