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A Top List Of the Best Nano Quadcopter Drones in 2015

Mini and Nano Quadcopter Drones have gained massive popularity late in 2014 and the interest has steadily risen since then. Nano Quadcopters earned their popularity for many reasons, the top three (based on Amazon reviews) are:

  • Low Prices – Usually under $50
  • Easy To Fly – Best Quadcopters for Beginners
  • Can Go Anywhere – Stuff in a purse or backpack for flying at a park or even at work

We’ve also found that there’s many more reasons that Nano Quadcopters have gained popularity, and some of the top reasons we came across were that:

  • Nano Quadcopters don’t scare people – When you take a full size DJI Phantom out, many people will wonder what kind of mischief you’re up to — especially if it has a GoPro onboard. Nano Quadcopters can be flown just about anywhere and people don’t get worried. They see a nano quadcopter as just a toy, and there’s nothing to worry about… even when it does have a camera.
  • Law Enforcement Doesn’t Hassle You – Cops don’t care about toys. They’ll drive (or walk) right by, sometimes even stopping to try it out. We’ve had a couple cops come through the park near our house, and rather than give us trouble, they gave flying a try. Two weeks later, the same cops showed up with nano drones of their own!
  • Easily Replaceable – If you break or lose one, you can easily replace it without tapping out your savings account. Since most of them cost less than $50, even kids can work to earn the money for another one

Best Nano Quadcopters 2015 Review

This list of best nano drones was just put together from Amazon’s top sold list. There’s nothing secret or special about this list, but we think that it’s definitely worth posting:

Syma-X12-Nano-DroneSyma X12 Mini Nano Drone – Taking up a total of 3 inches, the Syma X12 Mini Nano will give you about 10 minutes of flight time both in and outdoors. It is extremely easy for a beginner drone flyer, and can do flips and other stunts $18.93 with free shipping


x-10Kii Toys X-10 – One of the smallest Nano Drones available, the X-10 measures just over 1.5 inches! Kids love these for table top acrobatics and obsticle courses on rainy days. There’s also a 6 way gyro on board for a surprising level of stability and control
$24.99 with free shippingGreen | Blue | White | Pink | Orange | 4 pack (Shown on left) $89


proto-xEstes 4606 Proto X Nano Drone – If you like more of a “tactical” look, then the Proto X drone is perfect for you. Like the X12 and X-10, the Proto X is perfect for indoor flying, but it also has front and rear mounted LED lights so you can fly outside at dusk and even in the dark
$29.97 with Free ShippingBlack | Green | White | Blue
Accessories: Spare Rotors (4)


CX-10Cheerson CX-10 – The CX-10 is very similar to the X-10, but this sister drone has gained a popularity for the reason that “Toys” isn’t in the name and it’s marginally less expensive… Other than that, it’s almost identical, and when you fly it, it handles the same as a X-10
$17.90 with Free ShippingBlack | Orange | Green | Blue | Pink | White | Silver
Accessories: Crash Pack | Travel Case


estes syncro xEstes Syncro X – The Syncro is an updated version of the Proto X with almost all of the same features. It flys the same as the Proto X. It does come in other colors than black, so you do have some color choices
$26.99 with Free Shipping 
Accessories: Rotors (8) | Motors (4) | Batteries (4) | Body (black) | Body (white) | Travel Case


Quadpro NC5 1Quadpro NC5 Nano Quadcopter – When flying indoors, there’s always things around that you could break a rotor on, the NC5 has blade guards so you significantly lessen the chances of breaking a roto or something you might run into.
$32.99 with Free ShippingWhite | Black


Hubsan Q4 H111Hubsan Q4 H111 – Hubsan stepped into the Micro Drone ring with the Q4 drone and created quite a stir. Just like it’s big brother, the X4, the H111 offers a 6 way gyro, pre-programmed stunts and slightly longer flight times (about 7-10 minutes).
$27.65 with Free ShippingGreen | Black | White | Red | Yellow
Accessories: Crash Pack (16x rotors, 2x bodies, 2x motors, 2x batteries)


Kii Toys JDX 392Kii Toys JDX 392 Mini Camera Drone – While this mini drone doesn’t offer FPV, it does have a really nice camera on board to take still photos or videos that you can upload to youtube and show your friends. The JDX 392 also offers a 6 way Gyro to stabilize flight and make it easy for beginner drone flyers.
$49.98 with Free ShippingBlack | Red


When you get your nano drone, you’ll want to make sure that you charge it fully (despite your excitement) so that you get the longest runtime possible. If you want to charge the battery faster, use a 2AMP Mobile Phone USB Charger. This generally cuts about half the charge time off so you can fly sooner.

It’s also a great idea to buy an extra battery charger that has USB ports so that you can charge it in the park without having to search for an outlet to plug into. With the USB ports, you can essentially charge it from a laptop, portable mobile phone charger, car charger or even a portable solar panel charger, just as long as it has a standard USB port for charging.

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