10 Best Drones For Christmas 2015


Best Quadcopters To Give As Christmas Gifts This Christmas

Sure, it’s only coming up on October, but we wanted to make sure that you had everything that you needed in order to make the right decision on the best drones for Christmas in 2015. It’s just been a year after Drones hit the market hard last year, and since then, the whole quadcopter market has just exploded with hundreds of quadcopters and drones with cameras to choose from. 

This guide is written for the person that is Giving The Drone for Christmas, but does not know much about drones, other than they fly and are controlled in much the same way an R/C car, boat or plane is, from a radio controller. We use everyday language to review the drone and we “translate” the specifications to make it easy to understand.

How To Read The Christmas Drones 2015 Buyer’s Guide

There are two columns. On the left is a picture of the drone, along with the price and purchase link below. On the right, we list:

  • Name of the quadcopter
  • Does it have a camera?
  • Usable Flight Time/Recharge Time:
  • Best For…
  • Description and thoughts

10 Best Drones For Christmas 2015

Drone: Hubsan X4 H107C

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 5-8 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Best for Beginners

The Hubsan X4 H107C is probably the most popular drone given as a gift for many different reasons. The first reason is that it carries a low price tag, so it’s a gift that’s affordable for most people. Second, it’s very easy to fly. While I won’t get into the technical jargon, it has a “stability sensor” that assists with keeping the drone stabilized while you’re flying it. The H107C is also one of the easiest to maneuver around objects in the house or outside, and lastly, it’s pretty durable. It will take light bumps and crashes without damage, but also getting a crash pack with spare parts is recommended if this is a first time drone flier that you’re getting this drone as a Christmas gift for.

Drone: Syma X5C Explorer

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 6-8 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Best for Beginners

Flying a Syma X5C is one of the best experiences they’ll have flying a mid sized quadcopter. The X5C has smooth movement, steady acceleration and a very nice 720P camera on board. The Syma X5C is also a fun drone having the ability to do flips and rolls. In light to moderate wind, it still maintains stability for smooth and expected flight patterns, but can also be flown in indoor areas that have significant space. There’s a switch on the radio control that allows the joysticks to flip flop functions with Left handed people in mind. For performance at a low price, this drone is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Drone: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 30-45 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Best for Intermediate Users
  • iOS / Android App Flight and FPV capable

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is one of the most popular drones for those who already have some flight time under their wings. While it is very easy to fly, there are a lot of advanced features that intermediate and advanced Drone fliers will love, but this isn’t to say that a beginner couldn’t have fun flying the AR Drone either. The drone is flown from a Android or iOS phone or tablet and has a nice run time of about 30 minutes. The Parrot AR Drone is perfect for those who are interested in creating videos, taking still photos and seeing what’s in the gutters.

Drone: Hubsan FPV X4 Plus H107D+

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • FPV: YES
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 7-10 minutes / 30 minutes
  • Best for Intermediate Users

The Hubsan FPV X4 Plus H107D+ (link to complete review) just came out in time for Christmas, and is an updated version of the now obsolete H107D (no plus after). The H107D+ is the perfect gift for loved ones that have some drone flying experience already, and are ready to experience drone flight from the drone’s perspective (as if you’re in the cockpit). With an FPV drone, you get a good sense of what it’s like to be a bird, flying high overhead! The H107D+ Gives you 7-10 minutes of flight, and it has a range of up to 150 meters.

Drone: Syma X8W FPV

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 7-10 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Best for Beginner Users Interested in FPV

The Syma X8W FPV drone is the perfect quadcopter for beginner pilots that really want to experience first person view (FPV). While the Syma X8W has many of the same features as the  Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0, it’s less than half the cost. There are two sacrifices that you make, a 720P camera instead of 1080P, and 10 minutes flight time instead of 30 minutes. The Syma X8W is the perfect drone when you’re not sure if the person will continue using drones as a hobby, or if they just want a toy to play with. It’s durable, reliable and fun to fly!

Drone: UDI U818S FPV

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • FPV: Yes
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 10-15 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Best for Beginner/Intermediate Users

When you’re looking for an immersive FPV Drone experience, the UDI U818S is the perfect quadcopter. Equipped with LCD display on a steering wheel transmitter, the U818S gives you a view from a bird’s perspective. 10-15 minute flight times and stabilized 6-axis gyro makes the drone easy to fly and fun!

Drone: Estes 4606 Proto X Nano

  • Camera On Board: NO
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 5-8 minutes / 40 minutes
  • Best for Intermediate Users

When flying space is at a premium, like your apartment for example, the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano Drone is the perfect drone to have a bit of fun with. Although it doesn’t have a camera, it made the list due to it’s popularity in 2015. It’s the ideal indoor drone for rainy days when you don’t want to miss a flying a drone.

Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter

  • Camera On Board: Yes – 4K Video
  • FPV: Yes 720p live stream
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 30-45 minutes / 3 hours
  • Best for Intermediate-Advanced Users

When you want to get something that’s going to really make them happy, the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter never fails to disappoint. With 4K video on board, 35 minute flight times and tons of features, the Phantom 3 is a perfect drone for amateur film making, real estate flyovers, and so many other uses, it pretty much sets the standard for drones. The Phantom 3 comes ready to fly, and offers FPV in 720P!

Drone: Walkera Runner 250 Racing Drone (RTF)

  • Camera On Board: Yes
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 12-17 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Best for Intermediate/Advanced Users

Racing Drones have “taken off” over the past year, and the Walkera Runner 250 sets the status quo. It’s found at every race event. It has the most users and also the biggest assortment of upgrades available to the racing drone market. The Walkera Runner 250 is perfect if you’re looking to race, and this one comes with everything you need (minus the FPV Goggles). Comes with transmitter, all electronics, battery/charger and drone.

Drone: DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter T600

  • Camera On Board: Yes 4K HD
  • Flight/Recharge Time: 30-45 minutes / 3 hours
  • Best for Intermediate/Advanced Users

When you just want the best of the best, there’s the DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter T600. There’s not much to say, but that it has everything you could ever want from a drone! From a full FPV system to long battery life, the DJI Inspire 1 has it.

The Best Drones For Christmas are really the same ones that people are getting year round due to their high quality, ease of flight and so many other factors. This list of best drones for Christmas was compiled from the best selling drones throughout the year.

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